Free DIY Decorating Guide

 “10 EASY Steps to DIY Decorate your Home like a Pro”

 Learn How To:    Get Inspired,Shop with Gusto, and Become a Decorating Rock Star!       


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            1.  Get inspired   – love a photo, fabric, color or international style? – use it start a new room design.





     2.  See How you measure up – follow our step by step process to measure your rooms and get them into scale to get great home furnishings.  




     3.  Avoid costly decorating mistakes – measuring well, planning and budgeting makes that possible!     




     4.  Plan to succeed   – discussing budget numbers with the Family will make your home decorating process so much more stress free.




     5.  Shop with Gusto    – after drawing out and setting up budgets, you can confidently go out and shop to find the perfect home furnishings.  


     6.  Find the best window treatments ever – from selecting fabulous fabrics, shades and blinds to finding a wonderful drapery workroom.  Window treatments are the jewelery to a well dressed room.




     7.  Bring out your inner child with accessories   – pops of color and whimsical accessories show off your true personality.




     8.  Lure your Family into helping decorate   – chocolate always works well for me!  But always get them involved in the decision making.  You can make a game out of it and have everyone vote on their favs.




     9.  Celebrate your Success        


     10.  Show the World that you are a decorating Rock star! – share your photos, and successes with us on Facebook, Youtube and on our website.