Hi, I’m Peggy Ridgley, Designer & Owner of Prism Design & Renovations, LLC.  I have over 30 years experience helping busy homeowners develop a plan, a schedule and a budget to transform their houses into the home of their dreams. I love to work with busy Executive and Entrepreneurial Women who want and deserve beautiful, stress free home sanctuaries.  They work hard and play hard and don’t want to spend precious free time in a less than spectacular home or office.  Family, travel and hobbies are as much an integral part of their lives as work, so they leave the mundane details of decorating and renovating their environments to a trustworthy, creative and caring design professional.  

And now we have introduced  fabulous online help for decorating enthusists to “do it yourself but not by yourself” in Decorate-Ed.  For all of you who will not have the magic of TV miraculously transform your home, you can suscribe to professional decorating advice for a small monthly fee.  All of our many years of experience are now available to our subscribers at a fraction of the cost of in-home design services.  Work at your own pace knowing that a professional Designer is only an email or a phone call away!  Join us today.   Get your FREE TRIAL here or  SUBSCRIBE HERE.

I was inspired to decorate by my Grand Mother and my Mother, who effortlessly designed stylish, beautiful and comfortable homes for our Family.  After studying Interior Design in Milwaukee, I moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and started my own Design business after working for several talented designers.  Over those 15 years, we decorated and renovated the homes of the Publisher for Chicken Soup for the Soull, the head of the Republican party in Broward County, the owner of the largest car dealership in town and numerous famous Doctors, Dentista and successful Entrepeneurs.  As my Community service, I raised money for Habitat for Humanity and sat on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Woman Business Owners (NAWBO).  In that lively and growing woman’s group, we networked to build not only trust within the membership but also to build many woman’s businesses to a new and successful level.  And we had fun and long lasting friendships develop along the way!

12 years ago, my Family enticed me to move to Phoenix to join them.  The brown desert was quite a shock after living so long in the tropical paradise of Ft. Lauderdale.  The final enticement to stay was the dry climate and good hair days!  The economy and the building industry was booming, so finding a Design position with a local Interior Design firm was easy.  We had a few wonderful years during the building boom to develop the Western design styles that we still use today.  My Sister and I took a few months traveling through Europe, seeing all the architectural wonders of the world.  With that inspiration, I founded European Touch Interiors in Fountain Hills, AZ.  Tuscan and European decorating was all the rage up to the crash, so it makes sense that as we come out of the great recession, we embraced a new lighter, fresher design style.  Contemporary and modern is now the prominant decorating style.

 From my love of all things colorful and the multi faceted design of a prism – I rebranded to the name Prism Design and Renovations, LLC.  It’s been great fun renovating the fabulous big homes in the Phoenix area.  Through those many years of experience, I can confidently offer advice, resources and suggestions to my readers and subscribers during their renovations.  The Portfolio shows some of the beautiful and colorful homes that we have renovated.  I hope it inspires you to take on your own decorating projects.

During my spare time (LOL)  and the real estate market crash,  my partner and I started flipping houses.  It’s a true challenge to see how much great design you can get into a very limited budget.   That gave me some vital experience in the construction industry as well as getting me back to my modest Midwestern roots of crafting and DIY decorating to make tight budgets work.  We did some awesome design work on those under $100,000 homes, giving Families a beautiful, ready to move into home.

That’s my story.  I hope to be able to help all of you feel proud, comfortable and happy in your homes. Write to me with all your renovation questions, challenges and successes.  Join my happy band of decorating enthusiasts on a Facebook page just for decorating photos and discussions.

Good Design may be priceless, but great Interior Design services should be affordable!”