Tips to Design a room with a FREE online CAD program


So you have an empty room  – Yippee!  I love starting with a blank slate.  Does the thought of this long time empty room leave you cold and scared?  I have a solution.  It’s fun, easy and fast.  You can watch my 3 part video series on Kick Starting your Decorating Project and THEN…  

Sign in to to start filling the empty space with all kinds of wonderful furnishings.  This program has everything that you can think of to make a truly “designer” room.   Start with selecting a room shape, adjust for proper sizing, then just click and drop all the furniture, rugs, art, accessories and architectural elements that peak your interest.  On the right side of the screen is a 2D rendering box that is continually updating the room as you add or replace each element.  All you need to do is adjust the angle of the little blue camera.  (great tip:  be sure that the camera is facing your room – the small end is the lens, so rotate it to see your handy work.  Otherwise you are getting a photo of the wall!?!)

To change the color of the walls and ceilings, click on the paint brush, scan the color chart, click on your color choice and drag it to the box in the upper center that colors all the wall or ceilings.  You can even do an accent wall by taking the color to a segment of the wall.


This is a great way to experiment with different styles, colors and furniture placements without buying a bunch of stuff that doesn’t work out in your space.   If you don’t like an element, drag it off the floor plan, but keep it handy in case you want to reinsert it.  If it really does not work as well as your next choice, X it out for good.  I worked at these drawings for only an hour or so and tried lots of variations.  I’m not a techy wiz, so I’m sure you’ll be able to work with this as well.  In no time, you’ll be designing rooms just like on HGTV. 

Here’s my quick “first try” room on Room Styler.  See if you can do better!


Good luck, send me your drawings and email me with your questions. For your FREE decorating guide – “10 Easy Steps to DIY Decorate like a Pro”,  click here now!



Written by Peggy Ridgley of Prism Design and Renovations, 2014 . Peggy has over 25 years of experience and satisfied Clients in Arizona, California, Wisconsin and Florida. She can be reached at (480) 725-4687 for answers to all your decorating questions and challenges.

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