Backsplashes that WOW!

Kitchens have so many utilitarian details to decide on.  The small scale of the backsplashes is the perfect place to add your unique touch. Don’t just settle for a 4″ piece of counter top material when you could go crazy and design a stunning little piece of art for a back splash. Today we have so many wonderful mosaic tiles at such reasonable prices that I say “ban the boring back splash!  I know you all have heard the hype about subway tiles, but that’s just a new twist on plain old 4×4 tile. Branch out and investigate combinations of ceramic tile with stone, glass metallics and slate.  For such a small area, you can afford to splurge on really beautiful materials.


First, consider a different tile layout. Try patterns like diagonal, herringbone, vertical bands, and geometric patterns. Practice on a piece of graph paper until you find the perfect combination of pattern, color and texture.  Remember that a typical backsplash is 18″ high.  You don’t want to cut pieces into very small slivers so plan out the geometry of using tiles of various sizes in combination that equal the 18″space.  Colored tape on the wall can help you to visualize your new pattern even better than a sketch.  Tile manufacturers have great websites with photos of finished projects for you to copy  Check out this link to see many wonderful tile patterns .

For those of you that think out of the box –  try bricks; reclaimed wood in dryer areas;                                               river pebbles in full round or flat cuts                     ;             tin ceiling panels; larger scale tiles with hand painted inserts; split face travertine for great texture; frosted etched glass for a “cool” watery look; scrub able wallpapers; butcher block; cork; mirror – regular or antiqued; aged hammered copper; broken china mosaics; sea glass pebbles – or even white board or chalk board paint so you can write out recipes to try.  How about a show stopping copper penny backsplash or glass blocks to let more light into the room?

 Now that I have you thinking – send me your wildest ideas and I’ll award someone 2 free hours of one on one consultation time for the best new idea! Send photos too! And for your FREE decorating guide – “10 Easy Steps to DIY Decorate like a Pro”  CLICK HERE!


Written by Peggy Ridgley of Prism Design and Renovations, 2014 . Peggy has over 25 years of experience and satisfied Clients in Arizona, California, Wisconsin and Florida. She can be reached at (480) 725-4687 for answers to all your decorating questions and challenges.

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