Wallpaper is Back!

News Flash – wallpaper has returned with a vengeance!  After years of faux finishes, we are ready for the return of textured and patterned wall coverings. Check out my FREE decorating guide for more great ideas.  

W/P now comes in many more categories:

Printed paper – flat and pearlized paints

Embossed papers – raised designs that are pre finished or can be custom painted see  www.anaglypta.co.uk/

Metallics – in foils or vinyls in rich copper, nickel or bronze

Fabrics – great texture and sound deadening as well

Sanded – raised textured designs or in small pearly beads

Heavy Duty vinyl – commercial grade in 52” wide rolls – great for laundry rooms and kitchens

Naturals – grass cloth, cork, handmade paper, string

Jeweled – rhinestone enhanced

Wood – thin slivers of wood that installs like W/P with all the exotic species like Anagre, burl, tigerwood.  See www.koroseal.com  Arbor Series.

Wall panels – made of Mother of Pearl, padded fabric, leather.

Check out this collage wall and imagine it in all different textures and colors.  It could be a great do it yourself project.  You can even add shadow boxes or shelves to the graphic design.


If you like the traditional florals and patterns, they are still available in traditional colors and now in fresh trendy versions.


But the new innovative designers have developed elaborate patterns and colors to enhance every décor style.

Written by Peggy Ridgley of Prism Design and Renovations, 2014 . Peggy has over 25 years of experience and satisfied Clients in Arizona, California, Wisconsin and Florida. She can be reached at (480) 725-4687 for answers to all your decorating questions and challenges.

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