Decorating around your fur babies

We Americans, all love our cats and dogs. And we love them to a tune of $56 billion, that’s with a B ,dollars spent on our favorite pets each year. Humanization of our pets started 20 years ago so it makes sense that we are now not only decorating our pets, but also the house to match! Get our free decorating guide to help with all your projects.  The obvious stuff like doggie doors, feeding stations and play areas are a good start, but we should talk about what materials work best in decorating around our furry friends. Flooring needs to be easy to clean up. My Girls love to do their business on grass. They do not, at times, however understand the subtle difference between grass and carpeting. Mohawk has developed a pet guard carpet to repel stains and keep unwanted liquids from seeping through the carpet into the pad or subfloor.

Yes, even concrete will absorb moisture and smells. Carpet is a really comfy place for them to lie on all day, adds warmth to a room and is less costly than hard surface flooring like wood and tile, but it needs to be the correct fiber and construction. We all have a current love affair with wood flooring. If you have it in pet friendly areas, scratches and moisture damage can become an issue. Laminates fare a bit better for reducing scratching, but will still warp with enough unattended moisture deposits. A great alternative is the wood look plank luxury vinyl or ceramic tile. It even comes in cool reclaimed wood looks.

You can find these in all the exotic wood grain looks and give you the beauty of wood without the wear and tear. Maintenance is so much easier too – no more pushing around a long stick with a big soggy terry covered “mop” and a bottle of expensive spray cleaner. With vinyl and tile – a quick wet mop and you are done – a self-propelled vacuum can even be used. Remember though, that hard surfaces can be slippery for your fury friends and cause hip displaysia and be hard on arthritic joints. Furniture has the same appeal to pets as carpet so choose styles without dangling trims, skirts

Written by Peggy Ridgley of Prism Design and Renovations, 2014 . Peggy has over 25 years of experience and satisfied Clients in Arizona, California, Wisconsin and Florida. She can be reached at (480) 725-4687 for answers to all your decorating questions and challenges.

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